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    Our most basic services; we set you up in our acoustically custom-designed main room or one of our isolation booths and mic your equipment with microphones hand-picked specifically for your project's sound. An engineer works with you to track each portion of your project individually as you work through multiple takes to create an outline for mixing and mastering.

    Remember the first time you really appreciated your favorite album? You do. Remember thinking to yourself 'Wow-every detail is so precise how do they make it ­­­­sound like that?' – Well that's the engineer's touch, the little secrets that come from experience and finely tuned ears that take sounds from porous to polished. Beyond mixing, mastering is what takes a project from good to great.

    The guitars need to really be there in the chorus' 'I want my vocals to sit on top of everything' 'Where's my bass part?' 'Balance the horns' 'MORE COWBELL!' We understand that every aspect of your project is import so we take the time to mix the best takes from your sessions and balance each track to compliment the others.

    Ever come into the studio only to realize you forgot that perfect riff, hook, bridge, etc., that you've been working on in practice? Never fear, Ambient Sound offers Recorded Rehearsal Time. Never miss an idea brought up in practice again. We mic our acoustically custom-designed main room, set you up and hit record; the rest is up to you. Rehearsal time comes pro-rated in 4, 6, and 8 hour blocks.

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