After Graduating from the U of M with BA in Business Administration in 1981, Ambient Sound owner, Bob Cain, sought to apply his business knowledge to something he was truly passionate in: music, and more importantly sound production.

    He attended the Audio Engineer program at Synergy Audio Concepts in Saint Paul while Interning as second engineer at Cook House Studios with Chopper Black. In Bob Beyer's THE STUDIO he worked with engineer Dave Wright interning while recording such names as Jimmy Jam and Fine Art. Working along side Dave Wright sparked the start of Ambient Sound as the duo opened their own studio in late 1978. Ambient Sound started with a 1/2 inch 80-8 eight track tape deck in the Simpson Church in downtown Minneapolis where they recored young upcoming artists like Loud Fast Rules (AKA Soul Asylum), Kenny Chastain & The Answers. In 1981 the studio space moved to a warehouse at 2325 Endicott in Saint Paul in search of a more Ambience. Partner Bob Cain and Dave Wright parted ways as business partners in 1981. The studio upgraded to a 1 inch 16 track machine and worked with clients like Tom Manson (Kingpins) , The Beads, Chan Pohling (The Suburbs), Coup De Grace, Mubbla Bugs (Feat. Michael Bland). In 1986 the studio shared space with Total Music Systems and upgraded to a 2 inch 24 Track system.

    After the birth of his first son Michael, Bob moved the studio to current location a top the high bridge across the river from downtown Saint Paul in 1990. With the help of a crew of close friends and musicians, Bob converted the old Fischer Auto Body Shop in West Saint Paul into a hybrid work/living space unlike any other in the Twin Cities. "It's all about the sound in the room." Owner, Bob Cain, says, "you may make a beautiful sound but if it's played in a shitty room, well you get shit." Bob is often heard preaching as he reminisces and explains that Ambient Sounds production rooms are all acoustically custom designed down to the very angels of the wall. The 8,000 sq. ft. building hosts not only Ambient Sound Studios but an apartment for the owner, Bob, and his family as well. In the mid 90s the studio converted to ADATs before upgrading the ProTools digital recording interface for Mac in early 2000. The studio is currently running a Protools 9.02 on Mac interfaced with Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 and Yamaha O2R Digital Recording Console with an optimum of 48 tracks.

    In the last three decades Ambient Sound has worked with: Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Garnett, TNT Sports, ESPN, Sunset Black, Banehinge, 13th Step, Leon McCormick (Who Knew), Joey Julianio, Tom Manson, Tom Cook, Coup De Grace, Big Wiz, Big Zach & Unicis (Kanser Troop), Tony Bones, Maria Issa, Andre Seymone, Chan Pohling (The Suburbs), Beat the Clock, Soul Tight Committee, Beasthead, Dem Atlas, 10W40, Javier Trejo, Sic Life Entertainment, Tom Manson, The Beads, Loud Fast Rules (AKA Soul Asylum), Kenny Chastain & The Answers